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Land Trust / Conservation Easement Program

As Alta’s local land trust, it is our responsibility to facilitate the conservation of lands in Alta with conservation values.

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Bird Survey

Friends of Alta partners with similarly driven organizations and learning institutions to better understand the environment of Alta and the Albion Basin by studying local and migratory bird populations.

Educational Gardening


Friends of Alta is dedicated to making a positive contribution toward enriching education. In partnership with learning institutions, we are developing ways in which Alta’s unique history and environment can be used in an educational setting.

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Watershed Protection

The biggest driver behind Friends of Alta’s mission is watershed protection. To this end, we acquire land for conservation, conduct stewardship efforts and help the Town in defense of its protective zoning regulations.


Levitt Legacy Circle (LLC)

We are proud to announce the Bill and Mimi Levitt Legacy Circle, a program that unites the generous people who have included FOA in their estate planning. 


Memorial Tree Planting

Each summer Friends of Alta hosts a day of planting trees for people interested in planting a memorial tree in honor of a loved one.

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Bill Levitt Fellow

Mayor Levitt’s long-standing advisory role with Friends of Alta helped guide the organization to protect the environment of Alta, while still allowing supportive economic activity such as skiing, hiking and recreating in and around Alta. This fellowship is an opportunity for selected individuals to work with our Executive Director for three to nine months. 


Thank you for all your support on various projects and campaigns. See some of our accomplishments!

Supreme Court


See past legal action wins for Friends of Alta!


Keep informed of the projects that are being proposed in Alta and all the upcoming projects Friends of Alta is involved in. 

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Lee Cohen - Backside Ski Track


Protect our Alta!

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