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Howie Garber


The biggest driver behind Friends of Alta’s mission is watershed protection. To this end, we acquire land for conservation, conduct stewardship efforts and help the Town in defense of its protective zoning regulations.


Utah has limited water sources and depends on precious watershed areas to provide culinary drinking water to the population.

It is imperative that we carefully manage and mitigate risks that threaten this delicate watershed. The cumulative impacts of potential development or changes in land use are unknown and the stakes are high – the most affordable and preferred method to protect our watershed is at the source using natural ecosystem processes to filter and store our water until we are ready to send it to the tap. Albion Basin is a critical recharge area for the Little Cottonwood Canyon watershed which supplies culinary water to the following:

Local Culinary Water From Albion Basin’s Watershed


This is a great resource for residents of Salt Lake County and all around on how your actions can affect water quality. The guide also provides tips on stream care actions you and your neighbors can take to preserve the quality of our drinking water, prevent erosion, avoid flooding, and contribute to the survival of fish and wildlife.


2015 Stream Care Guidelines

A handbook for residents of Salt Lake County.


Friends of Alta created a video to demonstrate the importance of our watershed. We partnered with Salt Lake Public Utilities & Alta Ski Area to create the video.

We all learn about where our water comes from in a generic way, but every place is different. For Salt Lake City, our water sources are unique canyons next to the city that produce pristine water. This comes with its own unique set of challenges. 

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