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Kody Fox

Executive Director

Kody has an extensive background working in the Non-Profit sector and joins Friends of Alta after 12 years of advocating for causes and communities that are near and dear to his heart. This includes working on behalf of underserved and/or vulnerable populations including Refugees, Asylees, Immigrants, victims of human trafficking, survivors of polygamy, and individuals with disabilities. Kody has grown established non-profit programs and has been instrumental in the creation and development of non-profit start-ups.

Kody, a native of Price, Utah, developed a deep love for nature and the outdoors at an early age after spending most of his free-time fishing, hiking, biking, and camping with his friends and family. That love for nature fostered a passion for promoting sustainable, responsible stewardship of the environment for future generations and is what drew Kody to work at Friends of Alta.

Kody first discovered the wonders of Alta after his brother purchased a home not far from the entrance to Little Cottonwood Canyon. The two spent a great deal of time exploring the hiking trails where Kody fell in love with the beauty of the canyon and the wildlife they frequently encountered (especially the moose, Kody’s personal favorites, that frequented the same trials). Hiking gave way to mountain biking and it quickly became clear to Kody what a special place Little Cottonwood Canyon is for Utahans who love exploring nature in a sustainable way. Kody has passed this love of Alta on to his young children who enjoy taking in the wildlife and native canyon flowers and simply spending their days exploring while immersed in nature.

Kody attended Utah State University where he met his future wife, Amanda, on a blind date. In his free-time, Kody can be found playing guitar, recording music in his home studio, at the gym, traveling, and enjoying anything and everything outdoors with his young family.

Member since 2021.


Kody Fox
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