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Enjoy the Fourth of July: How to Recreate Responsibly!

With Fourth of July just around the corner learn how you can recreate responsibly while enjoying summer activities with your family in Little Cottonwood Canyon!

Written by our Communications Manager, Ellie Harrigan.

The sounds of skiers whooping and laughing gleefully as they glide across the snow-filled mountains has given way to the chirping of birds and roaring creeks in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The warmer temperatures have rapidly melted the snow at Alta, revealing grassy mountainsides scattered with boulders, lush vegetation, and a lively scene of wildlife. With increased popularity it becomes the responsibility of us all who recreate in the mountains to help protect Alta's fragile sub-alpine environment.

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and it is important we each do our part to act as stewards of the land. Below are a few educational tips on how to recreate responsibly in order to keep Alta a vibrant and pristine landscape for us to enjoy now, and for the future generations to come.

Protect the Watershed

  • No dogs or horses are allowed in Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Swimming in bodies of water is prohibited in Little Cottonwood Canyon

  • Do not wash clothing or dishes in Alta's streams or lakes

  • Any campsites in Alta's backcountry must be 200 feet from water and a half-mile away from any road

  • Use the public restrooms that are provided at Alta

Stay on Designated Trails

  • Bikers yield to hikers

  • Don't go off trail when taking pictures, or to pick wildflowers

  • Don't remove any resources from the land

  • Carefully read and respect all trail signs and trail closures

  • Leave no Trace, pack and carry-out your trash

  • Respect wildlife- be mindful of their habitat and do not approach them

Wildfire Prevention

  • Do not have backcountry campfires if posted "closed" from the Forest Service

  • Research seasonal fire restrictions

  • If campfires are allowed use existing fire rings, keep them small, never leave unattended, and make sure it is cold to the touch to ensure the fire is completely out

  • Fireworks are not allowed on US Forest Service Land, BLM Land, or in National Parks

  • If you see a wildfire call 911 to report it

Have fun this coming Fourth of July and please be sure to recreate responsibly to keep Alta and Little Cottonwood Canyon a pristine place to enjoy now- and for future generations!

Below are some helpful links:

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