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Pat Shea

Legal Counsel

Pat Shea was born at Holy Cross Hospital. He was delivered by Dr. A.J.Murphy, his grandfather. At three months, Pat, his parents Ed and Ramona moved to Great Falls, Montana. His first six years in Montana allowed Pat to understand communities not divided by sociology. Pat attended Dilworth Elementary, Hillside Junior High School and Highland High School, where he graduated in 1966 despite being "thrown out of class" five times his senior year. Pat credits his subsequent academic success to his Mother and his tolerating teachers, particularly Mrs. Rigby, Mr. Sundstrom, Mr. Nagle, Mr. Rush and Mr. Collett.
Pat attended Stanford University, Oxford University and Harvard Law School, where with the exception of the travail at the last institution, he benefitted from extraordinary professors and fellow students. Pat ran for Governor of Utah and for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Orrin Hatch. Pat served in the Clinton Administration as the Director of the Bureau of Land Management and Deputy Assistant Secretary of Interior for Lands and Minerals.

The late Mayor Bill Levitt, his wife Mimi and Pat founded the Friends of Alta (originally called the Alta Defense Fund) in 1981 to protect the environs of Alta.
Pat currently an Associate Research Professor of Biology at the University of Utah. He teaches a generally ecology course on Red Butte Canyon and Stream. Pat practices law in Salt Lake and is always interested in new clients.

Pat is married to Debbie Shea, a nurse at Huntsman Cancer Institute. They have two sons, Michael and Paul.

Pat Shea
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