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Total Funds Raised for $3,000,000 Needed to Buy Property

WE DID IT! We raised $41,250 to contribute to Utah Open Lands! Thank you all who helped contribute and made this possible! 

Cottonwood Heights property at the entrance to iconic Little Cottonwood Canyon needs to be preserved

No matter the season or how many times you have visited Little Cottonwood Canyon, there is always that moment when you round the corner on Hwy 210 and the granite-lined cliffs of Little Cottonwood Canyon come into view. That is the moment. That is when your adventure starts. Every time I drive up the canyon to Alta, the mouth of the canyon, and that iconic view, is the start of something special. The start of a new adventure.


We need your help to keep that view iconic. Friends of Alta is helping Utah Open Lands purchase 26 acres right at the mouth of the canyon. We have all passed this property on our way to our adventures. It is on the property at the bend in the road right as you start to go down the small hill to the the entrance of the canyon.


Not only does this property provide the first full glimpse of Little Cottonwood Canyon, it provides an inspiring vista across all of the Salt Lake Valley. It is my personal favorite place to stop and watch the sun dip behind the Oquirrh Mountains in the early winter. Furthermore, this property, adjacent to public land, already contains a regularly used two track jeep trail.  

Additionally, it affords connections to trails already in place or planned that lack sufficient parking and access.  The Alpenblock loop could be accessed from this property and the Bonneville shoreline trail alignment exists on this property and could be altered to remain in keeping with the idea of, if not the exact alignment of, the Bonneville shoreline.


There are 11 to 13 developable lots on this property that would forever change the access to trails and scenic views if we don’t act now. Help Friends of Alta join the effort to preserve this property by participating in our $20,000 Challenge Grant. Friends of Alta will match any donation with up to a total sum of $20,000 to aid in the purchase of this lot. Not only will your donation be doubled by Friends of Alta, it will be tripled because these funds will go to a larger matching grant through the AHE/CI Trust, which is matching $200,000 for this project.

What has Utah Open Lands and other partners raised so far for the purchase of this lot.

Secured Request

LCC Money Raised

We are thrilled to announce that we have secured the Cottonwood Heights Bonneville Shoreline Trail Property.  In the end, the landowners contributed over $1,000,000 in value and we are now taking steps toward bringing this land into public ownership!

Thank you to everyone who donated, pledged, and committed to this open space preservation project! Because of the dedication of this community, the 26-acres at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon will remain open space, offering retreat, respite, and solace in perpetuity.

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