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Nate Blouin

Board Member

Nate Blouin

Nate Blouin is the Policy Manager for the Interwest Energy Alliance and works to promote utility scale renewable energy across the intermountain and southwestern region in legislative and regulatory venues. Prior to Interwest, Nate served as an advisor to political candidates in federal, state and municipal campaigns and completed a master’s degree in public affairs from Brown University in 2019. He is also a proud graduate of Salt Lake Community College, where he serves on the Alumni Leadership Council, and the University of Utah.

Nate’s interest in serving on the Friends of Alta Board of Directors stems from his very first days in Utah, where he moved from New Hampshire in 2009 to enjoy unparalleled access to recreation. Nate is an avid backcountry skier and runner and enjoys Little Cottonwood Canyon equally in the summer and winter. He looks forward to advocating for transportation solutions that preserve access to LCC while protecting the canyon’s important natural resources. Nate works with other organizations promoting environmental conservation and was recently elected to serve as Chair of the Emerging Leaders Initiative of Utah.

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